I’m LaNell, and I’m glad you’re here.

We were living in a time when things may have seemed uncertain to so many, but there was hope. “Will life continue the way it was before we had the invisible pandemic? Will life be better now that things seem to be allowing us to go back to the norm? We’re so glad we’re out of quarantine.”

And then the world was shaken when it witnessed a decades-long secret in plain sight, when George Floyd was murdered.

The secret is out. To many people, Blacks mean nothing. I say that with depth. The life of a Black person is meaningless, worthless, and easily taken [for granted].

I want the narrative to be changed, especially when it comes to how Black and Brown men are perceived in America, and around the world. I want the world to see who WE really are.

This platform is meant to become the largest online collection of stories of successful Men of Color, and they are called Briefings. Some people have been misinformed about who WE are.

So let’s get the story straight.
This platform could not have been created without the very diligent work of my team. I’m forever grateful for their devotion to this cause. I’m sincerely thankful for our Producer, Tavarus, and our web team, Michael, Izzy and Steffi, led by Lorenzo, our talented Webmaster. Without you all, this couldn’t have happened.